Garden City Community Centre

Thursday May 19, 2022

Garden City Community Centre Seniors/55+ Program

"Let's Talk About Late-Life Mental Health: Multi-Systemic Collaboration to Inform Better Access to Care.”

Are you an adult aged 65+? Have you experienced or are you currently experiencing a mental health, substance use or addiction problem, which you have tried to find help or services for? We want to hear from you! Join our upcoming “Let’s TALK” series of three focus groups and receive a $25 e-gift card for each time (total participation = $75). Contact to learn more! (U OF M REB Approval: HE2021-0196)





About Us

Garden City Community Centre is pleased to offer programming for Seniors/55+ Retirees in the Seven Oaks area. The Seniors/55+ Program was established to help create affordable activity for Seniors and Retirees in our community. By offering exercise, dance, yoga, and various gaming activities we hope to improve the overall mental and physical health of our participants.  Participants are encouraged to help lead and promote the program by teaching and assisting new participants, car pooling, and positive reinforcement.

The Program is guided by our Seniors/55+ Council which is comprised of Seniors currently active in the Program. The Council's mandate is to ensure quality programming which meets the needs of our area and its participants.

For information regarding our exercise/active living programs please contact Connie Mulholland Garden City Seniors Fitness Convenor at

Please direct any questions via email to:
Connie Mulholland – Seniors Fitness Convenor