Garden City Community Centre

Saturday June 22, 2024



Garden City Community Centre is proud to host the following programs. To learn more, please click the link:

KidFit 60 - KidFit 60 is an activity-based program for children ages 7-12 that is developed and administered by physical education teachers and support staff, affiliated with the Garden City Community Centre. For more information please go to video or website

Sportball Multisport Programming


Seven Oaks Sportsplex is proud to host a number of camps throughout the year. To learn more information, please click the link:

RINK Player & Goalie Development Programs

Looking to further your development? The RINK Player and Goalie Development team offer a variety of programs, for every level of hockey. Whether you are looking to take your first strides or to improve your overall game, RINK programs are the perfect fit for you!

Momentum Power Skating

Shoot to Score Hockey

Zajac Hockey