Garden City Community Centre

Saturday June 22, 2024

President's Message

Anyone who has been to Garden City CC in the past 6 months can honestly say ‘WOW’ to our new arena complex. To be standing in the arena and listening to all the positive comments about our new facility has me beaming proudly like a new father! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people that put in so many hours of volunteering to see this project to completion. Without these tremendous volunteers, our community centre could not have grown to what it is today!

Here at Garden City CC, we can see the excitement that is happening all over, not only in the arena, but with the fall and winter programs in full swing! Our goal here at G.C. is to get as many children enrolled in various sports. A healthy lifestyle is important to all, and to see this played out, I feel Garden City CC is the place to be!

Please come on down for a visit to see what we offer as a community centre and arena.

President Andy Haworth